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The Beginning of Harmonious Eating


Hello Readers!

Over the last 5 years or so, I have been constantly reading and studying information and methods on how to improve my running. Running has become second nature to me and the wellness it brings to the body and mind has been just one of the many positive factors it has brought on. Reading constant articles from Running Times, Mens Health, and Runners World has allowed me not only to improve my running but my general health as well. My admiration for these columnists and journalists continues to constantly grow as they are able to effectively attract the interest of their readers by writing in connection to their passions and interests.

I’m Jorge Jurado, and I am extremely thrilled to begin my food & wellness blog Harmonious Eating. I have always had a great passion for nutrition and even now in college I am furthering my education in order to have a career in Dietetics. Heather Campanile, Registered Dietitian, is the main person who I thank for beginning this great ambition of mine. She allowed me to see the beauty in helping those who want change in their lives by improving their diets and habits. During my first years of running, I used Heather’s nutrition expertise which allowed me to better myself. After seeing the immense development in my physical capabilities and wellness, I knew that I wanted a very rewarding career similar to Heather’s. With that being said, I want to have a very unique approach to my blog. I will aim to write on the topics of food, nutrition, and fitness throughout my future posts. I also want my readers to be equally involved with my work by giving me as much feedback as they can and suggesting the topics they would like to read on.

With this being said, welcome to Harmonious Eating!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, other wise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”



Author: Jorge Jurado

Hello, Welcome to Harmonious Eating. With my own experiences and great enthusiasm in food & nutrition, I hope to help you see the beauty and excitement in having a cautious approach to your personal health. Happy reading, I hope you all enjoy my posts!

4 thoughts on “The Beginning of Harmonious Eating

  1. Hey Jorge!

    This is a great idea! Glad you started a blog! Can you do a segment on running shoes ? Such as which brands you prefer or you find the best based on your criterion, as well as, which brands or models you find most durable, comfortable, effective, etc. Thanks!
    Happy writing!


  2. Hey, Jorge. Congratulations on your BQ marathon. That was so fast! What kind of pace long runs did you do to prepare? I also bought the NB 890s. They’re in my room, still in the box. I have an old pair of the V2s and now I got the V4s. I don’t run as fast as you but it’s something to shoot for. Ron


    • Hey Ron, thank you so much. It was definitely hard work, I emphasized the actual milage more than the mile pace. My longest run was an 18 miler, probably around 8:15 pace. Are the V4s any good? I sure need to replace my NB 890s!


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